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The Importance of a Full Independent Digital Audit (IDA)

How an Independent Digital Audit can Optimise your Online Business.

The digital space is an integral part of a business’ success. Most people search for products and services online. So, even if your business has a physical shopfront, potential customers will bypass you unless you are digitally optimised. Therefore, a full, independent digital audit is essential. This is because it is the only way to fully understand the current state of your business’ digital health and the ways in which it can be improved.

Digital audits provide big gains for small business

Unfortunately, you can’t simply set up a website then sit back and watch your customers line up at the virtual door. Your online presence is like a complex ecosystem. Therefore, it requires an intricate balance of multiple components in order to thrive. These requirements include visibility, audience reach, usability and conversion rates across your website. Further it needs SEO content, SEM campaigns, social platforms, NAP data, and more.



Small business owners are constantly in the business and not working on it. Therefore, finding the time, resources and know-how to effectively deal with your online performance can be frustrating, confusing and overwhelming. A full, independent digital audit brings your business clarity. It provides actionable advice that helps you find your competitive advantage.


Expert digital analysts review every aspect of your digital status. They identify what you’re currently doing well, and what you can do differently to improve and grow. Use the recommendations to make smarter decisions that put your financial investments to their best uses. 



IDA’s holistic digital audit approach sees improved ROI 

There are a lot of SEO, SEM, Google specialists and marketing agencies out there. Yet, no-one looks at the entire picture in detail. For instance, your SEO could be reducing the efficiency of your SEM. Fortunately, IDA understands these nuances. As a result IDA audits consider how complementing organic and paid strategies can achieve the best overall outcomes.


The audit’s findings give clarity around goal setting. They also help future content creation and campaign strategies so that every component works together. As a result, you achieve better outcomes and improved return on investment. 

Independent Digital Audits: Why choose an independent auditor?


Think of independent digital auditing as the next essential service; rectifying small businesses’ inaccessibility to honest, transparent and affordable digital help. 

Independent auditing removes any conflicts of interest or hidden agendas. This is because the findings and recommendations have no financial consequence for the auditors. So, businesses are armed with the knowledge of what needs to be done, without the up-sell. Simply choose to implement the recommendations yourself or hire someone to do so on your behalf. Businesses can feel confident that auditors are acting in their best interests- providing the best advice with no strings attached.


Independent Digital Audit is passionate about providing every Australian small business with access to transparent, affordable and quality digital advice. Take control of your business’ digital presence. Enjoy improved online visibility and performance with bespoke IDA reports containing clear and actionable advice.



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