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Are your online
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Are your online
marketing efforts

Get answers.

Take action.

It’s time for an Independent Digital Audit.

Let’s face it, online marketing can be confusing.
With so many platforms and acronyms, it’s hard to know if you are doing the right things.

Our Independent Digital Audit (IDA) reviews a business’ entire digital footprint. Our clients gain clarity, direction and growth opportunities.  Our insights are comprehensive, objective and holistic

Our recommendations are independent, honest and actionable.

We help all types of businesses put their best foot forward. 

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That’s where we come in.

Our Independent Digital Audit (IDA) is quick, safe, simple and cost-effective. After going through your online marketing assets (that’s your website, paid ads, SEO, socials and anything else) we deliver actionable recommendations for results.

It gives you a customised action plan to increase your digital presence and boost your business’ bottom line. You’ll gain clarity, peace of mind and tangible results. Our process is safe and stress-free.

And if that sounds easy, it’s because it is! We provide the simple steps, you gain the confidence to do the rest.

Advice without the upsell.

No strings. No upselling. Receive an unbiased analysis and the simple steps for you to implement change. 

Knowledge is power. Gain confidence to take action. Choose to implement our recommendations yourself or with the help of your preferred agency.

We are not a digital agency.

Unlike other audits on the market, we do not profit from an audit’s findings and recommendations. The only motive driving us is your best interests, making IDA audits the most reliable and trustworthy. 

An IDA report will include a thorough review of your online marketing efforts, as well as honest and clear recommendations to guide your future actions to see results. It’s advice without the upsell.

Be more competitive in winning customers.

Maximised value for your online marketing dollars.
Competitive advantage in your industry.

Improved client experience.

It’s the new essential service for business owners.

A business’ digital presence has never been more vital to its success. Yet, finding the time and knowhow to create successful digital strategies can be overwhelming. Stabbing in the dark with a haphazard approach is a waste of precious resources.

Australian owned and backed by a global team of online specialists, Independent Digital Audit combines technical automation with expert insight.

Is it time for your independent digital audit?

In just four short weeks, your business will have been evaluated and a comprehensive report provided to you. Our expert and friendly team is here to walk you through the process from start to finish.

How an Independent Digital Audit works​


You share secure access
to your online platforms.


We go in and investigate.


We share expert recommendations tailored to your business goals.


You take our advice and grow your business.

What Our Clients Say.

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IDA Audit is the Perfect Recipe for Australian Pork Limited

Orion Health

Orion Health Undergoes its Own Digital Checkup

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Why buying your branded keywords in Google Ads can be like buying your own autobiography

Imagine walking into a bookstore and buying every copy of your own autobiography. Sure, it might feel good to see ‘Sold Out!’ next to your name, but are you really reaching new readers? This is akin to what happens when companies over-invest in their own brand name on search engines. Let’s break down why this could be a misstep: Preaching to the Choir If someone is searching for your brand name, they already know you exist. Spending excessively to appear in these searches is like reminding your best friend they know you. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t help broaden your audience. Cannibalising Organic Traffic When you rank well organically (i.e., through non-paid search results) for your brand name, paying for the top spot can be redundant. You might simply be diverting clicks from your free listing to a paid one, essentially buying traffic you would have gotten for free. False Sense of Security High traffic from branded searches can give a misleading sense of success. You might think your marketing is very effective when, in reality, you’re just seeing your existing reputation reflected back at you. Ignoring the Customer Journey Customers today often start their journey with a problem or a

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Why You Need a Great Keyword Strategy

A robust online presence is critical for businesses of all sizes. A well-designed website is one essential component of this presence, but more is needed. Websites should also be optimised for search engines. This is where a good keyword strategy comes in. What is a keyword strategy? A keyword strategy involves selecting and utilising specific keywords and phrases to attract more targeted traffic to your website and improve visibility and search engine ranking. Implementing a keyword strategy is considered industry best practice for all businesses with an online presence. Typically, keyword research is undertaken to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for a particular industry or niche. Once these have been identified, they are used in various on-page and off-page SEO tactics. These include website and blog content, meta tags and backlinks. Better Search Engine Ranking A keyword strategy helps ensure that your website appears at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant searches. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites are the most relevant and useful for a given search query. By incorporating relevant keywords into your website’s content, you will increase your chances of appearing at the top of the SERPs for

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Making the Most of 2023 Small Business Month

October is Small Business Month; the perfect time to celebrate the blood, sweat, tears and heart that goes into our local small businesses. Small businesses need to work harder to compete with larger competitors. As a Small Business Month Collaborator, IDA is passionate about empowering businesses with knowledge; about what is working, and ways to improve. With the clarity we provide, companies are given a map and a plan to ensure that all your cogs work harmoniously to drive digital growth and achieve success. Small businesses are faced with unique challenges. It’s hard to stand out in a heavily saturated market. Yet, simply improving your SEO, SEM, or your website alone won’t cut it. A holistic digital strategy is essential because each area supports and drives the others. It is unrealistic that a small business can afford to hire niche experts to handle certain areas of the business. Left feeling pressured to take on every facet, small business owners inevitably feel stressed, confused and burnt out. With limited resources and small margins, every effort must work to its full potential. But how? Get Answers There’s no point in taking action before being crystal clear about what is required for your

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