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The Independent Digital Audit Report FAQ

A digital audit is crucial for ensuring that your website, and all other elements of your online marketing, functions properly and performs optimally.

Cracks and dents online can make a business harder to find – potentially costing sales. An IDA digital audit helps you to understand how your online marketing approach is performing, what needs your attention, and the steps for you or your provider to follow to make the optimisations. 

Our Digital Audit scrutinises a business’s entire digital profile and identifies areas impacting its potential. We make recommendations about ways to improve in areas such as performance and consumer-experience, website visibility and increasing targeted traffic to your website.

We do all the hard work for you. Our report includes a prioritised list of actionable recommendations and is presented in an easy-to-follow format so that you can get answers and take action.

IDA audits are different from traditional SEO audits because they look at your digital presence holistically. Online presence is a nuanced and complex ecosystem. An issue in one area can impact in another area. Our results are comprehensive. Our audits are also independent, ensuring that businesses can feel confident that the findings are unbiased, honest and trustworthy. 

We check every aspect of your digital status in order to identify areas impacting its potential. We provide you with a comprehensive report containing a prioritised list of issues and actionable recommendations in an easy-to-follow format. The audit is customised to your particular business, industry, online presence and goals. Australian customers also receive a complimentary Audience Profile report. This examines your existing audience (down to the postcode), and provides actionable advice on ways to improve targeting, reach and engagement.

Yes. IDA reports are written to be easily understood and accessible. While our audits cover comprehensive, technical aspects of your business’ digital footprint, our reports are presented in an easy-to-follow, simple language and structure, with clear explanations and limited technical language. 

This is entirely up to you. We provide you with a prioritised list of insights and recommendations. The choices around which recommendations are implemented, how, when and by whom, is a decision for the business. We find that many of our clients choose to implement a number of changes in-house, while outsourcing other components.

We often have clients request recommendations for digital agencies and web developers. However, independence is at the core of our business. We strongly believe that being an independent third party auditor is the best, and only, way to provide unbiased advice, and so we continue to prioritise our independent position within the industry.

We require read-only access in order to view certain data and provide you with a detailed and accurate audit review.

IDA only has access for the period required to perform their review. This period commences at ‘Onboarding’, and continues until ‘Offboarding’ (when IDA access is removed and your report is provided to you). This process usually takes three weeks.

Read more about our simple Onboarding and Offboarding processes below. 

Yes. No passwords are required, and our access is read-only. Access is for a limited period to enable, only for the purposes of our auditors accessing the required information. However, access can be removed by you at any stage. 

Access is removed as part of the Offboarding process. This is the final stage of the audit process, where we hand back access and provide you with your completed report.

We can’t start the audit until we have all the access we require. When granted, Onboarding to Offboarding is a three week process.

You can take a few, simple steps to help prepare for your audit and make the process smooth and efficient. In order to complete the Onboarding process we will require you to have username and password access to your digital marketing accounts and website. This will enable us to gain read-only access to analyse and audit your digital marketing channels. Typical accounts and profiles you will need access to include:

  • Website: CMS or WordPress
  • Website Analytics & Tracking: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • SEO: Google Search Console, Google Business Profile 
  • SEM: Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads
  • Social: Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and any other social channels you may use.
  • Display advertising or any other ad channels

Once you have paid for an audit, it cant be cancelled.

Onboarding is the process in getting read only access to the platforms we are auditing. This commonly includes your platform (wordpress, squarespace etc.), Google Analytics, Google My Business, Meta, Linkedin to name a few. It really depended on how you are set up. 

Offboarding is the process in where we check that all access given in the Onboarding process has been removed. So we no longer have access to any data. This is normally the last step in the journey.

No. The agreement is only for the term in providing you the single audit. There is no upsell or need for any future engagement, unless you want to run another audit down the track to check any improvement you have made, or after a considerable change/upgrade to your website.

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