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Why buying your branded keywords in Google Ads can be like buying your own autobiography

Imagine walking into a bookstore and buying every copy of your own autobiography. Sure, it might feel good to see ‘Sold Out!’ next to your name, but are you really reaching new readers? This is akin to what happens when companies over-invest in their own brand name on search engines.

Let’s break down why this could be a misstep:

Preaching to the Choir

If someone is searching for your brand name, they already know you exist. Spending excessively to appear in these searches is like reminding your best friend they know you. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t help broaden your audience.

Cannibalising Organic Traffic

When you rank well organically (i.e., through non-paid search results) for your brand name, paying for the top spot can be redundant. You might simply be diverting clicks from your free listing to a paid one, essentially buying traffic you would have gotten for free.

False Sense of Security

High traffic from branded searches can give a misleading sense of success. You might think your marketing is very effective when, in reality, you’re just seeing your existing reputation reflected back at you.

Ignoring the Customer Journey

Customers today often start their journey with a problem or a need, not a brand. By focusing on broader search terms related to these needs, you can guide potential customers through their journey, from awareness to decision, rather than just waiting at the finish line.


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