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Making the Most of 2023 Small Business Month

October is Small Business Month; the perfect time to celebrate the blood, sweat, tears and heart that goes into our local small businesses. 

Small businesses need to work harder to compete with larger competitors. As a Small Business Month Collaborator, IDA is passionate about empowering businesses with knowledge; about what is working, and ways to improve. With the clarity we provide, companies are given a map and a plan to ensure that all your cogs work harmoniously to drive digital growth and achieve success. 

Small businesses are faced with unique challenges. It’s hard to stand out in a heavily saturated market. Yet, simply improving your SEO, SEM, or your website alone won’t cut it. A holistic digital strategy is essential because each area supports and drives the others. It is unrealistic that a small business can afford to hire niche experts to handle certain areas of the business. Left feeling pressured to take on every facet, small business owners inevitably feel stressed, confused and burnt out. With limited resources and small margins, every effort must work to its full potential. But how?

Get Answers

There’s no point in taking action before being crystal clear about what is required for your specific goals, budgets and existing digital status. 

But who has time to solve technological challenges, research algorithms and digital marketing models, navigate graphs and analytics data and develop bespoke digital strategies when you’re neck-deep in the day-to-day operations of your business? 

*cue eye roll and night sweats*

It’s critical to take a strategic approach to blitz your digital growth. You can get some great tips from our article. If you are invested in growing your online business and need help, that’s where we come in. An independent Digital Audit examines your entire digital footprint, collating and analysing your data for you. You end up with a clear picture of how you perform in each area of your digital footprint. We also offer suggestions to improve your digital outcomes. 

No matter where you are in your business journey, there is always something to learn and improve. 

Take Action

Whether you need to improve your customer experience, the quality of your website traffic and conversation rates, your overall visibility, cyber security or gain a competitive edge in your industry, there are practical solutions to make your resources work better for you. 

We provide expert recommendations, listed in order of priority so that your business has a clear plan of attack.

Your business may be small, but it has the potential to be mighty! Small Business Month is the ideal time to get answers and take action so that your business dreams can be actualised.