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How to Find Your Target Audience in 5 Simple Steps

Your business is a needle in the digital haystack. So, how can you stand out, reach the right people and maximise conversions? Understanding your target audience is essential to increase online sales successfully.

Here are five questions that will help clarify who your dominant audience is and how best to target them. 

Where does your customer live? Location, location, location. 

Every business should know where its customers are coming from. Local brick-and-mortar businesses need to acquire customers within a physical radius so should direct marketing efforts to their local vicinity. eCommerce businesses can broaden their reach, in many cases by distributing goods internationally. However, even eCommerce stores should narrow the locational demographics to help funnel marketing efforts more effectively. Use analytics to monitor where your current and potential markets are based. Create a strategy that utilises your advertising and marketing dollars accordingly. 

Buyer Persona

Determine who has an interest in, or need for, your product or service, as well as the financial means to purchase. A person looking for luxury European river cruises will most likely differ dramatically from those in the market for maternity bras, boutique beer, video games or music festival tickets. Get clarity around your buyer persona. What is their age, gender, employment and income? 

Generational Marketing 

Now that you have a clearer picture of your ideal customer, it’s time to figure out how to reach them. This involves understanding their online habits; how they interact online, where they obtain information and what drives their purchasing decisions. 

Baby Boomers tend to make purchases via desktops over smartphones. They favour Google Search and use LinkedIn and Twitter over other social platforms. 

Gen X is a busy, multi-tasking generation, raising families and paying mortgages. They are focused on lifestyle convenience and financial security, and favour businesses with social consciences. Gen X tends to gain information from email marketing, Facebook and Instagram.

Millennials are all about keeping up with current trends. Tech-savvy, they seek information from social media. Instagram and TikTok are favoured platforms. Millennials rely on product reviews. They are drawn to reward and loyalty programs.

Create content that connects with your Audience

Have you ever seen an ad and wondered, “Who on earth is this for?”. A campaign will only succeed if it resonates with your target audience, so determine their fears and desires. Are they financially stressed, concerned about employment, struggling with work-life balance, worried about their health, deep in the complexities of parenting, or pondering retirement… Hone your marketing strategy and offer solutions to their problems.

But how?

Before you plan your next campaign, utilise analytics. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to collect data about your customers. Remember to utilise your social media analytics data too. Meta has algorithmic systems to help optimise your advertising efforts. Tip: It is important to include Always On campaigns to help build learnings. 

Audit your Audience 

Figuring out your audience can be an arduous task. Knowing what marketing and advertising efforts to apply can be even more challenging. Fortunately, there are experts to do it for you. Independent Digital Audit (IDA) has developed a unique and comprehensive Audience Profile Report for Australian businesses. 

IDA’s Audience Profile provides: 

  • Detailed analysis of your current demographic
  • Geo-profiling, down to the postcode
  • Actionable advice to better target your audience in order to reach, retarget and convert potential customers. 
  • Information and advice so you can gain a better return on your investments.

Contact us to learn more about our audience or to enquire about IDA’s Audience Profile. Get answers and take action. Find your audience, and the best ways to connect and convert so that you can grow online.