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5 Proven Ways a Blog can Boost your Website’s Success

Are you tempted to put blogging in the too-hard basket? Before you do, consider these 5 powerful ways that a blog can boost your business’s online presence.  


Drive Traffic to your Website with an Optimised Content and a Keyword Strategy

A blog (often referred to as News or Updates pages) increases your search engine ranking and organically drives more traffic to your site. Google favours content-rich sites. It prioritises them over similar sites with less meaningful content. Blog posts provide opportunities to add quality content to your website, including branded and non-branded keywords, metadata, and internal links. These features help search engines better understand and rank your site. 

By regularly updating your blog you are providing Google with fresh content to review, helping improve your domain authority. 

But remember, a well-executed blog requires an intentional content and keyword strategy. Therefore, avoid vomiting out content en masse. Always ensure that your blog content follows and supports your overall online business strategy, and incorporates carefully considered keywords.


Position Yourself as Industry Expert

A blog provides opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether your site is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), the content in your blog helps give you industry credibility. Therefore, try to provide information, case studies, tips and know-how to prove your expertise and encourage your business to be seen as a trusted resource.


Humanise your Business 

A blog is a chance to let your unique voice shine. While a website provides essential information about your business’s products and services. On the other hand, a blog allows for more creative, expansive and niche content.

Consider the tone you’d like to convey through your blog content. Do you want to be casual and relatable? Funny? Do you want to showcase your expertise and professionalism? Build content in a consistent tone of voice. Doing so brings clarity to your brand identity. Brand identity is an important component if you want your business to stand out from the crowd. It gives your brand a clear voice. As a result, your audience can get to know you better and develop brand loyalty to you.


Hone your Strategy from Analytics

A blog provides opportunity to gather data about, and reflect upon, what works well for you or what fails to perform as well as hoped. Therefore we recommend experimenting with your posts’ style, length, keywords and metadata. Then, evaluate your analytics to hone your content strategy. Google’s new analytics tool, GA4, is a great place to start monitoring your performance. 


Reviewing your analytics data helps your business better understand what your audience is looking for. You can then create content they will find most engaging and rewards you with higher conversion rates.


Blogs Provide PR Opportunities

Managing socials channels is a daunting task for many business owners. It can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out what content to share on your social channels. Blogging helps relieve this dilemma. Regular blog posting provides a consistent stream of fresh and relevant content to share. Share article links on your social pages and in your subscriber newsletters. It also opens up the potential for others to share and engage with your content, boosting organic engagement.


Backlinks and third-party sharing have a number of profound benefits. It helps to organically grow your following. When shared by other authoritative websites, it increases your authority with users as well as search engines and thus extends your reach to new, relevant audiences. Learn more about to benefits of backlinks here.


Have we convinced you? 

A blog is a tool to optimise your digital presence and increase your website’s ROI. Ensure you make the most of your blog by undertaking a digital audit to confirm you’re on track, and to learn ways to improve. An audit will also help you determine your best branded and non-branded keywords.  You can then develop a content strategy that effectively supports your business’s growth and goals.

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